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We are dealing with the most devastating global pandemic of our lifetimes—and while we cannot organize in person, we can mobilize in digital spaces to protect people's health, push for paid sick leave and other relief, and show up for those who are taking care of our communities by providing essential needs.

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  • Essential Workers should be getting $600 hazardous pay
    Because just as those who have been out of work are at risk and need help, so are the people who still have to go to work every day...
    1,477,402 of 1,500,000 Signatures
    Created by Najaka Carter
  • CONGRESS: Cancel Student Debt to Stimulate the Economy
    The Coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis like we have never seen before, and it is colliding with the economic crisis of this generation - student loan debt. Lost wages and medical costs will impact families across the country for weeks, months, and years to come. Adding the persistent burden of student debt is a recipe for an economic disaster for millions of everyday people. Labor shocks like those the pandemic are likely to cause will undoubtedly increase federal student loan defaults. Borrowers in default on federal student loans face having their tax refunds seized and wages garnished at a time when they can least afford it. We also call on lawmakers to immediately stop these actions that hit distressed borrowers the most. Canceling student debt in response to the Coronavirus crisis will help the 45 million people with student loans and stimulate the economy when it is needed most. It will allow borrowers to purchase the necessities their families depend on: food on their table, a roof over their head, and critical healthcare. In the long term, a student debt cancellation stimulus would help prevent or reduce the impacts of an upcoming recession. Student debt cancellation can boost GDP by up to $108 billion a year and would add up to 1.5 million jobs per year.
    847,258 of 900,000 Signatures
    Created by Natalia Abrams
  • Forgive student loan debt for doctors, nurses, and health professionals
    Health professionals carry crushing loads of student debt, from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now they are like soldiers in war, saving lives while risking their own and protecting the rest of us, and many have already died while doing their duty. Without the debt burden more would work in lower-paying specialties like family practice, or in underserved rural and urban areas. Society would benefit both in health and economically for many years to come, just as America benefited from the GI Bill.
    535,721 of 600,000 Signatures
    Created by Consuelo Lopez-Morillas
  • Fully Fund the United States Postal Service
    The U.S. Postal Service is once again under attack by Republicans who want to bankrupt the Postal Service and allow private equity firms and global corporations to privatize the service, dismantle the agency, and profit further off of the American people. The United States Postal Service is one of our government's oldest and most reliable entities. And mail service has been a lifeline for many Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. However, because of the pandemic, the agency could run out of cash by the end of September, if Congress fails to act. Democrats have been pressing for weeks to fully fund the Postal Service, but the Trump administration recently blocked a bipartisan attempt to fund the agency. For years, conservatives have tried to push mail service toward privatization—either by setting highly prescriptive loan terms or by essentially forcing it into bankruptcy. During the last privatization fight, Senator Bernie Sanders said, "If the goal of the Postal Service is to make as much money as possible, tens of millions of people, particularly low-income people and people in rural areas, will see a decline in or doing away with basic mail services." Recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted, "I'm calling on Congress to act swiftly to shore up USPS so that everyone can continue to receive essential medicines and supplies, and as many Americans as possible can vote from home." Please join with us and demand that Congress and the White House fully fund the United States Postal Service in the next stimulus bill.
    414,603 of 500,000 Signatures
    Created by Matthew Hildreth Picture
  • Ending live daily coverage of Trump’s COVID-19 briefings
    President Trump is blatantly using the news organizations’ extensive, live coverage to freely campaign for a second term. It is wrong and dangerous to provide so much unfettered airtime to someone who is happily, shamelessly spreading terrible, damaging misinformation that is already costing fellow Americans their lives. Please tell national and local media outlets to monitor and then broadcast valid, accurate information from medical experts, rather than feelings and diatribes from the President that only serve his own electoral interests.
    322,008 of 400,000 Signatures
    Created by Julie Rochman
  • COVID-19 Emergency Rent and Debt Forgiveness - Condonación de renta y deuda - 사태의 렌트와 빚은 면제되어야 합니다
    As a group, the working class of California have been financially devastated by the critical and necessary measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. Though the federal government may eventually provide relief, the immediate conservation of our limited financial resources is necessary for our own and our family's health and well-being. Rentors, Leasors, banks and other relevant institutions can, as a class seek their own relief; the state and federal government is much more responsive and historically more likely to act on their behalf. We must protect our limited cash flow immediately. Como grupo, la clase trabajadora de California se ha visto devastada financieramente por las medidas críticas y necesarias implementadas para frenar la propagación de COVID-19. Aunque el gobierno federal eventualmente puede proporcionar alivio, la conservación inmediata de nuestros recursos financieros limitados es necesaria para la salud y el bienestar de nuestra familia y la nuestra. Los arrendatarios, arrendadores, bancos y otras instituciones relevantes pueden, como clase, buscar su propio alivio; El gobierno estatal y federal es mucho más receptivo e históricamente más propenso a actuar en su nombre. Debemos proteger nuestro flujo de caja limitado de inmediato. 이것이 왜 중요한 일 인지 아십니까? 우리는 COVID-19로 인한 필수불가결한 조치에 의해 경제적 활동이 불가피하게 중단된 LA의 노동자 단체입니다. 우리는 가족들의 안정된 생활을 위해, 제한된 경제적 자원 수급에 대한 즉각적인 대화가 필요함을 느낍니다. 우리의 제한적 경제 활동에 대한 보호조치가 즉각적으로 이루어져야 합니다.
    164,756 of 200,000 Signatures
    Created by Samson Lahti-Parsell
  • Healthcare Workers Need Protective Equipment Now
    I’m a nurse in Alaska. Nurses and other healthcare professionals are on the frontlines of fighting the COVID-19 outbreak and caring for our patients, but we're running out of personal protective equipment (PPE) in states across the nation. We don’t have the right kind of N95 respirator masks to keep us and you safe. We don’t have enough ventilators to keep the very sickest patients alive. We don’t have the ear or the attention of the president, who make promises and then walks away does nothing. This is scary. Our job is to treat and care for people, and we will not leave our patients behind. If we run out of equipment, healthcare providers and the patients we care for will die. Let's be clear: If we get sick and if people die, it’s because policies that go all the way to the top have failed us. We should have been producing the needed respirators, masks and ventilators long before this. The administration should have taken the outbreak seriously when it started three months ago. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps lowering the guidelines for healthcare workers to be safe; the CDC just said that we can use bandanas as masks. The CDC is putting my life and the lives of other nurses at risk by telling us to use scarves rather than producing enough masks that will keep us safe. And it’s not just respirators, masks and ventilators we’re running low on. Hospitals are reporting shortages of gowns, gloves and other PPE that we need to keep ourselves safe as we care for the sick. Trump has said he’ll use the Defense Production Act to make masks and tests, after weeks of us pressuring him, but he has not said he’ll use it to ensure there are enough ventilators to keep patients from dying. And he’s still not releasing the stockpile of PPE that he has, which could fill the gap until enough n95 masks are made. Here's what we need right now: • The administration must make the production of N95 respirators and other PPE a top priority. • The President must use the Defense Production Act to make ventilators for patients. • The federal government has a stockpile of personal protective equipment, but has released less than 10 percent of the stockpile: We’re still running low. The federal government must release more of it immediately to keep us safe. • All healthcare workers should have immediate, free access to being tested to ensure that we are safe and not endangering non-infected patients. • The federal government needs to stop watering down guidelines that keep us safe. The minimum standard should be N95 respirators. Telling us to use bandanas puts our lives at risk. Will you please help us by telling the administration that we need this now.
    162,580 of 200,000 Signatures
    Created by AFT Union
  • Medicare for All!
    Health care should be a basic right for everyone in the United States. It's a national shame that so many Americans have to choose between lifesaving health care and going into debt or bankruptcy. Now that we've defended the Affordable Care Act from repeal, we need to improve on its limitations and make sure that no American is uninsured.
    158,761 of 200,000 Signatures
    Created by David Sievers
  • Stop Trump's attacks on transparency and the COVID-19 response package
    President Trump is once again waging a war against legitimate, independent oversight of his administration. His latest target? Glenn Fine -- the acting inspector general who was set to watchdog the administration's management of the $2 trillion COVID-19 response package that Congress passed last month. Fine, a longtime and dedicated public servant, was chosen by a panel of inspectors general to lead these oversight efforts. But Trump just had Fine removed from his position -- without explanation. This is just the latest attempt by Trump to eliminate any and all supervision over his actions. He also recently fired Michael Atkinson, the inspector general who brought the Ukraine whistleblower’s complaint to Congress -- and he attacked inspector general Christi Grimm on Twitter after she released a report describing widespread COVID-19 testing delays in the U.S. Trump took one lesson from his party’s lockstep defense of his impeachable conduct: there’s no line you can’t cross that Republicans in Congress won’t back you up on. We’re seeing the consequences of that inaction now -- as Trump continues to openly abuse his power. Unless we speak out, Trump won’t stop until there isn’t a single watchdog left in the White House -- no one overseeing his administration's decisions, and nobody to put a stop to waste, fraud, or abuse of power. The Special IG must aggressively oversee the administration of this money and use their subpoena power to get necessary information. Similarly, both the SIGPR, the Congressional Oversight Commission and the PRAC must be given live access to the computer servers of the Treasury and any agency shoving money out its doors. Add your name to condemn Trump’s firing of Glenn Fine -- and to demand strict oversight of the Trump administration.
    107,877 of 200,000 Signatures
    Created by Common Cause Picture
  • Keep people safe: Issue a stay at home order in every state
    I've been a doctor for 35 years and I want our country to listen to medical health professionals in this crisis. Staying at home as much as possible works. We've seen it work in Italy, China, and in areas of the U.S. to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. However, millions of people live in several states that have not mandated a stay-at-home order. Everyone deserves to be protected in this crisis as much as possible - we need a federal stay at home order, and every Governor must copy it for their state. If we don't practice physical distancing, then we will continue the exponential growth that I saw in my community and across the country. While some tried to trivialize the impact of the coronavirus just weeks ago we are now seeing over 200,000 reported cases in the United States and more than 5,000 deaths—not to mention record job losses and other immense damage to our nation. Experts say we may end up with hundreds of thousands dead in the United States alone. As a doctor, I am seeing hospitals scramble for the equipment needed to treat the thousands already infected. Staying home slows the rate of infection and will help ease the demand on our already strained healthcare system. It is never too late to act. The U.S. has been slow to react to this global pandemic, but expanding the stay at home orders has the potential to save thousands of lives. We all need to work together, this only works if everyone, in every state stays home because our health is all interconnected. President Trump has said distancing should continue through the end of April, but this needs to be required. Actions speak louder than words - declare a national stay at home order now! We know it works and doctors and other health care providers are willing to put their own lives on the line, this doctor thinks it is more than reasonable to ask EVERY governor and the President to do the right thing and do it NOW, before more lives are needlessly lost.
    91,929 of 100,000 Signatures
    Created by Dr. Charles Goodman