To: The Washington State Senate

Ban "gay conversion therapy" in Washington!

The idea that being gay can be "cured" is universally discredited by every major professional psychological, psychiatric and counseling association. Please support HB 2451 to restrict sexual orientation efforts for minors by licensed medical or mental health providers in Washington state.

Why is this important?

The state house voted 94-4 to ban controversial "pray away the gay" practices for minors in Washington. The Senate must pass the bill by Friday to become law this year but the conservative committee chair is refusing to allow a vote.


Reasons for signing

  • Stop this crazy practice Prevent suicide!
  • there is no cure for gayness! gay is not a disorder. gay is someone who loves same sex/gender people.
  • I think this is wrong and abusive. Electrocuting someone and trying to make them straight is just not right. I believe being gay is a sin but this is not the right thing to do to someone. They are will probably commit suicide or something . This is abusive and mean and a form of torture.