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Bereavement Leave Petition

This Bereavement Leave petition seeks to establish federal bereavement leave for the death of a child. The intent is to bring awareness to the need to make bereavement leave for the death of a child consistent with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that allows for up to 12 weeks for the birth of a child. How was this missed in FMLA?

Why is this important?

I am the mother of a deceased child and know how hard it is to adjust following the death of a child. My employer allowed 3 days bereavement leave. That was hardly enough time to plan Todd's funeral. The real challenge was adjusting to a new normal following a traumatic loss. If an employee is allowed up to 12 weeks for the birth of a child, why is an employee not allowed the same for the death of a child? Having experienced both, I assure you the latter was a much tougher adjustment for me. A parent should not need a medical diagnosis of depression to utilize the FMLA leave! The obituary should be more than enough! Please help me to help the parents that don't ever want to think they will need this...until they do.


Reasons for signing

  • We need this!
  • My son was killed i am having the hardest time
  • Grieving process is different for everyone. Sone choose to get back at life, most need time to grieve and process what happened especially if it is sudden. Please extend the bereavement leave time for those who need to use it

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