To: Democratic lawmakers past and present

Boycott Trump's Inauguration

Stand with civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis and skip Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump is a threat to our nation.

And any politician who attends Trump's inauguration is normalizing and legitimizing a presidency that should only be resisted. Denounced. Defied. Boycotted.

Thankfully, on the eve of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday weekend, Congressman John Lewis has announced that he will not attend Trump's swearing-in ceremony.

Trump's response has been to launch a fierce attack against Lewis, accusing the congressman—who has served our nation as a tireless leader of the civil rights movement and for 16 terms in Congress—of being “all talk, talk, talk - no action or results.”

This is Trump’s latest, vicious outburst in what’s become a terrifying pattern of using outright lies and insults to bully and subdue his critics.

But this time, Trump's well-worn tactic is falling flat.

Not only is Congressman Lewis standing strong, more than two dozen other members of Congress are standing with him in a growing Inauguration Day boycott of demagogue-in-chief Trump.

Congressman Lewis says he cannot view Trump’s presidency as legitimate because of a now widely understood Russian effort to influence November’s election.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee has cited Trump’s “divisive and prejudiced campaign.”

Congressman Luis Gutierrez referred to Trump’s attacks on women, communities of color, and Muslims.

Congressman Ted Lieu noted that Trump will be in violation of the Constitution the moment he’s sworn in, due to numerous alleged conflicts of interest.

In also choosing to skip Trump's inauguration, other members of Congress have cited Trump's threats to immigrant rights, the environment, national security, and more.

And about Congressman Lewis, who has helped spark this growing boycott, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke said it best: "When you insult Representative John Lewis, you insult America."

Congressman Lewis has shown yet again that when a leader takes a courageous action, others follow. If more members of Congress join him and skip the inauguration, we can strengthen the power of the opposition.

Democratic lawmakers past and present have a choice to make. Help make sure they stand on the right side of history with—with Congressman John Lewis, not Donald Trump—by signing and sharing this petition with your family and friends.