To: Joe Roth, Sounders FC Majority Owner, Drew Carey, Chairman of the Sounders FC Alliance, Adrian Hanauer, Sounders FC Owner, Paul Allan, Sounders FC Owner, Garth Lagerwey, Sounders FC General Manager and President of Soccer, and Bart Wiley...

Bring Ross Fletcher Back to the Sounders FC

We, the fans of the Seattle Sounders FC, do hereby request the reinstatement of Ross Fletcher as the official play-by-play announcer of the Sounders FC organization.

The non-renewal of his contract for the sake of "change" goes against the idea of "democracy in sports" that was touted by the team's ownership and front office during our inaugural season in 2009. The fans of the Sounders FC cannot be a part of a democracy if the leaders of the organization change things in our name that we do not want changed.

Why is this important?

During the inaugural season in 2009, the Seattle Sounders FC front office said that the Sounders FC organization would be a team that is exemplified by "democracy in sports".

However, the recent decision by the Sounders FC organization not to renew Ross Fletcher's contract for the sake of "change" goes entirely against this idea, especially when the vast majority of fans did not request this change to occur.

Ross Fletcher has been a well known, well loved voice of the Seattle Sounders for the past 4 years now. He brings energy, flair, humor, passion, and love to every word he speaks on air!!! Sports teams around the world have their long-established and beloved voices that fans look forward to hearing week after week. The Sounders FC organization should stick behind Ross Fletcher and allow him the opportunity to be that voice for our team for years to come!!!


Reasons for signing

  • No one! I mean no one has had the energy and emotion that Ross Fletcher brought. Truly genuine man too!
  • Know you were tired of hearing it two years ago but Fletcher/Keller was a pairing not readily subject to improvement but to include an unapologetic Timber in the new mix? Come on ownership and management - a bunch of guys as accomplished and smart as all of you are should not be smoking crack that bad... This is an example of why I stick to single tix bought from other supporters and don't return calls from Arthur and Ben in package sales.
  • First bad move equals first bad season!

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