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To: The United Nations, The United States, Global Citizens

Call for Solidarity with Haiti in "The Future We Want"

The coup assassination against the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, should not stand! Democracy must prevail in Haiti once and for all, and the time is now to change course from the United Nations-backed policy of the last 35 years since the demise of the dictatorship of Baby Doc Duvalier that has left the country in need of nation-building- without institutions, a society in disarray, and an electoral process with fundamental flaws. Fixing the country's woes must begin with re-thinking the rules that govern our elections so that the outcome encourages broad-based confidence. Currently, the system in place is spelled more like an American Idol popularity contest as opposed to one that is appropriate for nation-building.

In a nutshell, "The Future We Want" lies on three axes, (1) a Country United, (2) a Country of Institutions, & (3) a Country of Jobs. It is a future that Haitians in the Diaspora are ready to build in participation with everyone.

Given the bickering that is going on in the country in the aftermath of the assassination of our president, We in in the Diaspora are ready to secure the peaceful transition that the country so desperately needs.

Why is this important?

With the support of many, we can lead the way and at the same time let the international community know that it is time to change course in Haiti and in so many other African countries that are being rushed into elections that only lead to political instability and bad governance.


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