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To: Republican candidates, elected officials, pundits

Call it White Supremacy—and Disavow it Now!

Call it White Supremacy—and Disavow it Now!

"The Great Replacement Theory" espoused by Tucker Carlson and many conservative leaders is nothing more than white supremacy. It's a racist ideology that was at the core of the mass killing of Black people in Buffalo and violent actions and speech across the country. Every Republican leader must call "great replacement theory" what it is—white supremacy—and disavow it, its adherents, and its principles.

Why is this important?

When an 18-year-old white man, motivated by violent racist fantasies, opened fire in Buffalo, NY, he intentionally sought to kill Black Americans. And while he was the lone shooter, he was far from acting alone. He has the "Great Replacement Theory" fueling his derangement, a theory espoused by MAGA supporters, countless Republican candidates running for office across the country, Tucker Carlson and more. Even "mainstream" Republicans are saying the same and embracing those who do.

This theory is just white supremacy by a different name. The right wing espouses it to rail against immigration and people of color. At it's core, it's a justification for anti-Black ideology that is as old as our country, and has been used to justify slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, our carceral state, and more. But thanks to folks like Tucker Carlson at Fox News, it's being presented as a legitimate and new intellectual idea—instead of the old-fashion racism it is.

We see an increase in hate speech online, race-based harassment, and hate crimes like the mass murder in Buffalo. Some specifically credit "great replacement theory" as a motive, while other attackers just echo the same sentiments.

It's unacceptable, hypocritical and dangerous for Republican leaders to offer "thoughts and prayers" to the people of Buffalo or to fall to race-blind canards like "all lives matter," while embracing demagogues who champion a theory grounded in white supremacy.

Every Republican who wishes to repudiate this violence needs to call great replacement theory what it is—white supremacy—and needs to disavow and confront it, in their own policies, among their supporters, and among their colleagues. That includes Republicans running for Senate right now who appear on Tucker Carlson's show and have spoken out in favor of this ideology in the past.


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