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To: US Congress

CDC Data Bypass

CDC Data Bypass

Ensure the integrity of the data being released on the Covid-19 virus by hospitals, which have now been ordered to bypass the CDC and report the data to HHS, effectively allowing the Trump administration to skew, alter, withhold, and lie about the cases and deaths, and provide false guidelines regarding the pandemic!

Why is this important?

If scientists, doctors, the research community, and public at large do not have the proper information, and proper guidelines based on that information, we are at a greater overall risk of never being able to slow the spread, and needlessly killing tens of thousands additional people. Also, false numbers will impact the decisions of schools to re-open, putting children, teachers, and family members at greater risk. Lastly, at no level should we be lulled into complacency due to false optimistic data. We must trust the data or it is useless.


Reasons for signing

  • Accurate data in the right hands helps make informed decisions. Please sign.
  • As a health care worker we need accurate data and leadership that are not afraid to speak the truth.
  • Science, NOT politics


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