Change CIAC eligibility rules

Do you agree that Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) should amend their current policy by requiring male-to-female transgender athletes to undergo testosterone suppression treatment and one year waiting period before competing as a female athlete since testosterone is a banned substance in order to preserve the fairness and safety of the sports?

Why is this important?

The current CIAC rules on transgender youths eligibility are obsolete and compromise the fairness of the sports. It allows for some athletes to gain an unfair physical advantage over others while some transgender youths are forced to choose between their gender expression and participation in a high school sport which violates Title IX. It can also create a serious safety issue in contact sports. A transgender person feels or thinks different than their assigned gender and it makes no difference in academic setting but the body is competing in sports and not the mind. CIAC also says that they follow NCAA and USCO drug policies which consider testosterone an enhancement drug for a female athlete. As a result allowing a transgender female with a high level of testosterone compete as a female violates their own rule. On the other side a transgender male is forced to compete against boys with a biological girl body most likely forcing him out of sports all together.
That is why CIAC needs to adopt a policy similar to NCAA transgender policy especially since it's the next natural step for many high school students that segregates genders based on biological make. Hormone enhancement or suppression is not something a youth should be considering at such a young age. Every one should be given the chance to compete against someone of the same biological gender. Inclusion and fairness should not be sacrificed one for another.