To: The Louisiana State House, The Louisiana State Senate, Governor John Bel Edwards, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Clemency for Anthony Kelly, Imprisoned for Life for Marijuana

Mr. Kelly was 26 when he was given a life sentence for 39.1 grams of weed. As a victim of the 3 strikes rules, he has been in prison 18 years for these nonviolent crimes. He's had good behavior in L.A.'s notorious Angola prison and we are asking the Governor of Louisiana, Mr. John Bel Edwards, to please grant Mr. Kelly clemency.

Why is this important?

No one's life should be taken away because of 39.1 grams of marijuana. Mr. Kelly was a victim of the discriminatory laws that have led us to this tragic system of mass incarceration. Mr. Kelly was in prison when his daughter was born. He hasn't seen her in thirteen years. No one's fatherhood should be deprived over such a small amount of marijuana. We are demanding justice for Mr. Kelly, in the form of his release.