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To: Joe Manchin, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey and others

Confirm Biden's Nominee for Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

Stop holding up the nomination of Neera Tanden. All of you voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court, in spite of the serious allegations against him. The majority of you voted against Trump's impeachment the first time but found the courage to do the right thing the second time. You have supported Trump for four years, in spite of the hateful, racist, misogynistic and disgusting things that he has said. Yet, you are disgusted by the tweets that Ms. Tanden has made, which are very tame, compared to Trump's many tweets. Could this have more to do with Ms. Tanden's race and your displeasure with the pending stimulus and less with her tweets?

Why is this important?

We need a Director of OMB. Stop holding up the nomination and confirm Ms. Tanden as the next director of OMB.

Reasons for signing

  • All I ask to these senators is to be consistent. Where you outraged with Trump's twitter attacks filled many times with demeaning words? If the answer is no, then use the same moral compass with Neera Tanden. In reality , you showed complacency. For all of you it was just "Trump being Trump", "A different kind of politician" and voted for him in 2016 and 2020 anyway and acquitted him on the impeachment twice. She apologized for those tweets. Has he?
  • Tired of the disinformation campaigns and the sheer and utter hypocrisy of the Senators. None have achieved credibility nor integrity as a result of their actions.
  • We need a capable person. Are we going to allow correct opinions and truth deter confirmation?


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