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To: City of St. Louis

COVID-19 Emergency Rent and Debt Forgiveness in St. Louis

COVID-19 Emergency Rent and Debt Forgiveness in St. Louis

We believe that an immediate moratorium on collecting rent and mortgage for the month of April and forgiveness of interest, late fees, or the owing of that month's rent in the future should be implemented. This moratorium and forgiveness should continue as long as the critical and necessary social distancing continues.

Why is this important?

As a group, the working class of St. Louis have been financially crippled by the critical and necessary measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19. Though the federal or state government may eventually provide relief, the immediate conservation of our limited financial resources is necessary for our own and our family's health and well-being. Renters, Leasors, banks and other relevant institutions can, as a class seek their own relief; the state and federal government is much more responsive and historically more likely to act on their behalf. We must protect our limited cash flow immediately.

Reasons for signing

  • I agree that many even myself have been affected by COVID-19 & need assistance.
  • It’s important to keep in mind we are all affected financially. It’s against I will citizens didn’t ask for this.
  • It’s important to remember that those most affected by this crisis will be effected long after this crisis is considered “over”


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