To: President Donald Trump, THe Federal Election Commission, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate


Donald Trump LOST this election.. He only won because of about 100,000 votes in a couple of swing states. Ask yourself: Could Voter Fraud, Suppression and Russian Hacking have made the difference? Let's demand further investigation of Vote handling and Russian interference and demand a recount in these pivotal swing states!

Why is this important?

To ensure a fair and free election and demand our representatives and agencies protect the integrity of our votes!


Reasons for signing

  • Every vote should be counted
  • The election practices of these six State must be examined for official Republican corruption of elections, and the Democratic party should promote a Bush v Gore nullification of all their popular votes which would elect Mrs. Clinton. The Supreme Court also administers the inaugural oath. Perhaps it would be Anthony Kennedy's great gift to America before he retires. Trump and all his nominees and appointees are blameless here so the the impeachment clause would not apply. They could just ...
  • Must recount

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