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To: CEOs of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Big Tech/Social Media Companies

Demand Big Tech Stop Attacks on Abortion Access!

Facebook, Google, and other tech companies must stop collecting and sharing data that allows right-wing authorities to criminalize abortion. Delete the data that tracks locations and search history and stop supporting abortion bans.

Why is this important?

A teen and her mother in Nebraska face criminal charges for allegedly self-managing an abortion, and social media and tech giant Facebook has provided some of the evidence that led to their arrest.

Prosecutors have obtained and are using private Facebook messages to demonstrate the teen was seeking pills to end an unwanted pregnancy. After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Republicans claimed they weren’t interested in prosecuting people who are or were pregnant, yet local authorities are charging the teen and her mother.

And despite Big Tech’s claims to support abortion access, Facebook is helping criminalize these people seeking abortion care—and many more people who want to practice autonomy over their lives or simply seek health care.

The fact is that abortion access advocates and privacy experts had been warning us about this—that following the right-wing Supreme Court's overturning of Roe, our digital info could be used by authorities to track our pregnancies, support forced births, and criminalize us. Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other tech giants collect endless data, creating digital trails about our health and behavior.

And as they've shown, authorities will seek this information out and tech companies will provide it.

It’s not enough for them to say they support abortion access, or even that they'll provide staff with resources to seek out abortion care. These companies need to act.

- They need to stop collecting and monetizing the data that invades our privacy.
- They need to allow users to control and delete their digital identities.
- They need to refuse to comply with requests that compromise our health privacy.
- And they need to stop backing right-wing politicians who have pushed abortion bans and laws that criminalize pregnant people, their families and their medical providers.



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