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To: All Members of the United States House and Senate

DEMAND Congress Adopt Compassionate Governance

DEMAND Congress Adopt Compassionate Governance

In order to preserve the values on which our Republic was founded, representatives of "We the People" in Congress the Congress of the United States of America, under its established Constitution, shall firmly for all time adopt Compassionate Governance as the manner in which they will conduct the business of the Republic, by endorsing the Declaration of Mission's Compassionate Governance philosophy in the present on behalf of the future!

Declaration of Mission
PREAMBLE: We the Compassionate People of the United States of America, in order to promote a more perfect union, are asking for those who believe that there is a gentler, kinder, and more rational and reasonable Americaunderneath the bi-partisan-corporate-media-noise of our times to step forward and say, “Count me in!” 

We ask this of you, because we live in troubling, if not disorienting, times, and have great concerns for the future.  Things just don’t seem right in America these days.  In fact, they often feel quite wrong.  You know, wrongin terms of how we’re taught at some point in our lives that people should be kind, compassionate, loving, empathetic, respectful, fair, and sympathetic.  Thus, we share this declaration with our beloved country to say that there is another way of living and being a patriotic American.  It’s one that acknowledges what long has existed, and it has the power to initiate a different, 21st Century ideology that of a Compassionate America!

Too many times decisions are made in the governing of this country from a zero-sum, winners v. losers mindset, instead of finding middle-ground, win-win solutions for the greatest possible good. Our representatives always should hold their constituents as human beings in mind as they legislate, instead of serving corporations, special-interest organizations, or themselves. Representatives with compassionate hearts and reasoning minds, are those we want representing us, and we intend to support and vote for people who share the same interests in the well-being of the United States, as described in this Declaration.

RATIONALE: Lately, as we face each new day, many of us feel reluctant to go into the world at large.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers; we do.  It’s just that we’ve become painfully aware of the increasing gap between what is happening in our country and what we were taught, and largely accept, about the good of America.  It’s everywhere, but mostly it’s found online, on cable-TV news, and in the extreme “rights and lefts” in society.

We get it.  Not everyone is on the same page politically, but it’s America, and we were taught that such diversity is fundamental to who we are.  We’re a republic, after all!  We have rights, freedoms, responsibilities, and we elect representatives, who carry out the daily business of running the government, at all levels.  It’s okay that we all don’t want the exact same things, so long as we take personal responsibility for keeping an eye on our elected officials, as they make the compromises needed to ensure domestic tranquility, promote the common defense and general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our nation’s children, while ideally following and honoring the rule of law.  It’s okay if we don’t all agree, but it isn’t okay, if we don’t get along with each other as humanbeings in our republic, first.

Yes, voting rights, fair taxation systems, good public services, quality,and affordable health care access, clean and safe environments, livable wages, job security, healthy work-life-balance, majority needs, and minority rights, and a host of many other important issues all matter!  And, we recognize that there are many people who care deeply about all of these, some of these, or none of these issues.  But, here’s the thing.  Nothing matters or can get resolved, if we don’t step up and say to ourselves, our families, communities, the nation, or even the world, “PLEASE STOP!”

Please stop the madness of not caring about people as human beings.  Ever heard of the phrase “we’re all human?”  Of course, you have, because Compassionate People in America, say it often.   We are the people in America who want reasonable human-focused solutions to the problems that we collectively face in our daily lives like: bad roads, caring & educating
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Why is this important?

Hopefully, the multitude of reasons why this is such a critically important action to take should be self-evident, Common Sense, well-understood by most. However, for more information go to Thank you.

How it will be delivered

Before October 1st, 2020 we plan on delivering the petition to Congress, as well as to other representative bodies in the United States of America.


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