To: Rep. Daniel Webster (FL-11)

Demand that Rep. Daniel Webster give back or donate the $35,349 he received from the NRA.

Rep. Daniel Webster should give back or donate the $35,349 he received from the NRA instead of letting the gun lobby control his vote.

Why is this important?

According to a poll taken this past spring by the Pew Research Center, 89% of Republicans favor preventing the mentally ill from purchasing guns, 82% favor barring gun purchases by people on no-fly or watch lists, 77% favor background checks for private sales and at gun shows, 56% favor creating a federal database to track gun sales, and 54% favor banning assault-style weapons.
(Source: "Here are the gun control policies that majorities in both parties support," Ryan Struyk, CNN, Nov. 6, 2017)

Even faced with these poll numbers from members of his own party, Rep. Webster has continued to let the NRA control his vote. It's time to stop gun lobby bribery and start protecting human lives.