To: Federal Communication Commission, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Deny merger of Sinclair & Tribune

If approved, the purchase of Tribune Media’s 42 stations would enable Sinclair to reach 72 percent of U.S. households -- significantly more than the nationwide audience cap of 39 percent as determined by Congress.

Why is this important?

A free and open press is a constitutional guarantee that will be taken away from millions of people if this merger is allowed. I live in an area where 4 stations will be controlled by Sinclair, who is already requiring stations to be less independent and more controlled by running "required segments" with a particular political view.


Reasons for signing

  • Our Dictator in Chief has attacked the free press from the start and has made many attempts to run propaganda channels and programs. Yet an even bigger threat comes from these types of over-dominant companies who quietly achieve huge control over our access to differing view points while we are all distracted watching Trump make up nicknames for respected newspapers and treat the free press as an enemy. He cannot achieve his dictatorship this way but he CAN when right wing corporations contro...
  • Absolutely no more consolidation of the media or telecoms!
  • All voices should be heard BUT we should not be forced to have our views skewed by only providing 1 sided information.