To: Sarah Grant, City of Redding Transportation Planner

Diestelhorst to Downtown Non-Motorized Improvement Project

This petition is to support the City of Redding's grant application to Caltrans Active Transportation Program.

Project spans from Diestelhorst bridge to Riverside to Center Street/Division and ends at California Street

Brief Project Description:
Connect people walking and biking the Sacramento River Trail from Diestelhorst Bridge to Downtown with safer and more attractive facilities: including trail, bike lanes and protected bikeways, complete sidewalk gaps on Center street, improve intersections, and an enhanced crossing at Benton and Riverside Drive that includes a pedestrian median and rapid flashing beacons. The project will provide a river trail like experience from the Diestelhorst Bridge to California Street downtown.

Why is this important?

This is about the freedom to choose how to move safely through our community. Diestelhorst to Downtown is about connecting the miles of River Trail and our neighborhoods along it with downtown. If you have ever tried to get downtown walking or biking you know what I am talking about. This project will bring the River Trail experience all the way to California street.


Reasons for signing

  • I am 100% behind this project!
  • A necessary link in the Redding trail system.
  • Safer, better, and more bikeways...

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