To: Robert A. Iger, CEO

Disney: Make LGBT characters

A lot of the Frozen fandom already believes Elsa is gay. It would be a huge step for the world to finally have an LGBT character. We all would like Disney to help the world take that first step by making Elsa's love interest in the Frozen sequel be a female.

Why is this important?

The LGBT community has not one Disney character who is gay, lesbian etc. The world needs to become accepting of everyone and although the world has come a long way we need to go further. Having Elsa be lesbian would shatter all the beliefs that to be a Disney princess (or queen) you MUST be straight. Having a gay character is a big step but it is necessary. Make Elsa's love interest be a female in the Frozen sequel and take a stand for all LGBT. Thank you.


Reasons for signing

  • Literally Elsa?
  • Let's normalize what is already natural, relationships between same-sex partners. All these people saying we shouldn't introduce an agenda "no offense to my gay friends"... that's just proof there's work yet to do because it is no different than a heterosexual relationship. It's not sexual any more than heterosexual relationships, certainly not more than non-human relationships happening in children's stories. It's not more political. It's literally just equal and needs to be treated that way...

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