To: New York State Unified Court System

Don't let racist Aaron Schlossberg keep his legal credentials

Aaron Schlossberg was caught on camera multiple times making hateful, racist comments to complete strangers. His unethical and dangerous conduct make it clear that he is not fit to be a credentialed lawyer. He must be investigated and disbarred.

Why is this important?

Racist, xenophbic lawyer Aaron Schlossberg was recently caught on camera yelling at women speaking Spanish and saying they should be "kicked out of my country."

Another instance shows him yelling at a couple on the street "I'm a citizen here. You’re not. You’re an ugly f***ing foreigner, so f**k you!"

Civil rights advocate Shaun King also reports that more than dozen other people have come forward to share stories about being "targeted & harassed" by Schlossberg.

It should come as no surprise that Schlossberg donated hundreds of dollars to the Trump campaign and is now apparently one of the many bigots emboldened by the administration's racist and xenophobic agenda.

We demand a full investigation into Schlossberg's racist and xenophobic history and for him to be disbarred so he can no longer practice law.