To: Jeffco Public School Board and The Colorado State House

Don't Allow the Censorship of American History

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Stop public school boards from outlawing historical events such as the Civil Rights Movement, Native American genocide, and slavery.

Why is this important?

Jeffco Public School Board has just proposed a change of curriculum stating that, "Materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law. Instructional materials should present positive aspects of the United States and its heritage." This means that important parts of our history such as the Civil Rights Movement, Native American genocide, and slavery will not be taught in public schools.

If we don't learn about genocide and slavery, how will we help stop them from happening again? If we don't understand the tremendous legacy of the Civil Rights Era, how can we work every day to honor and build on the gains made by so many courageous Americans? This is a severe form of censorship intended to keep the youth ignorant and easy to manipulate. I'm hoping to get enough signatures to prove that this is a public issue, so, please, if this is important to you, please sign. Do not let our youth grow up in ignorance; we all deserve the truth!


Reasons for signing

  • History is vital to keep our country progressive. I refuse to allow our nation’s children to be robbed of a proper education. Here’s to history: if you do not learn it, you are doomed to repeat it.
  • All history is important so that we may pass wisdom learned to the next generation. Both the good and bad history is vital for the student.
  • The public school boards here are not different from the ones in Germany. Over there, they dont teach the kids in school anything about their Nazi crimes and the Holocaust - they just skip 1933 - 1945 in history.