To: State legislatures and attorneys general

Don't let Trump pardons obstruct justice

Take action to ensure that we can hold Trump's cronies accountable for state crimes even if Trump seeks to obstruct justice by issuing corrupt pardons

Why is this important?

What will we do if Donald Trump begins to pardon everybody—every crony, every enabler, every family member—entangled in the corruption, cover-ups, and web of investigations into his team's foreign and financial ties?

We may take to the streets. We may call it obstruction of justice. But we can also take action now to make sure that the likes of Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and Jared Kushner are held accountable.

Under our Constitution, a sitting president has the power to pardon anyone for breaking federal law. But Trump can't pardon state crimes—meaning state prosecutors usually can hold someone accountable even if they’ve received a presidential pardon.

A quirk in New York law could enable Trump to get his friends off scot-free with a cunningly timed pardon. The same may be true in a number of states where Trump's cronies conducted corrupt and criminal practices. Which is why state legislatures across the country need to ensure that their attorneys general retain the power to act—and why state attorneys general across the nation need to commit to not allowing corrupt federal pardons to absolve Trump's cronies from facing state criminal charges.

Please contact your state legislatures and attorneys general today and tell them that we can't let Trump's cronies evade justice. If they broke the law, they must face the consequences. Let's make sure that every state is committed to holding Trump's cronies accountable for state crimes even if Trump issues corrupt and outrageous pardons.


Reasons for signing

  • Trump’s behavior highlights the need to place a check and balance in place for the pardon process
  • We will fire the GOP. 2018
  • NO one should be above the law and a criminal should not be allowed to pardon other corrupt cronies.

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