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Sign the petition re: $72,781,300,000 for the 1%

Don't give massive tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest Americans by taking trillions from everyone else. Medicare, Medicaid, education, job programs, and all of the other great things that the government pays for deserve MORE funding from the richest Americans, not massive cuts that would pay for tax cuts for corporations and the superrich.

Why is this important?

The Republican tax plan would give trillions of dollars in tax giveaways to corporations and the top 1% by cutting trillions from Medicare, Medicaid, and other vital programs. Basically, it would benefit the superrich at the expense of everyone else.

In 2018 alone, the richest 1% would receive $72,781,300,000 in tax breaks, if the proposed tax scam is passed. That's the equivalent of 12,635,642 health insurance premiums, 12,294,139 Pell Grants, or 689,968 infrastructure-related jobs in the United States.

We—Ben and Jerry, the ice cream guys—were fortunate and made a whole bunch of money, and that's why we can say that slashing trillions from health care and education spending for regular Americans just to give people like us trillions more in tax breaks makes no sense. This tax scheme doesn't benefit everyone—it's designed to benefit guys like us (and those a lot richer than us)—and Trump. Because he'd be getting a tax break, too. (Can't say exactly how much of a tax break, since he won't show us his tax returns.)

We have been vocal about wanting the government to reduce spending, especially on our military budget. But this latest Republican scheme doesn't address military spending, it just ravages essential programs to give rich folks more money.

We need to oppose this plan completely—not one penny in tax giveaways to the top 1% and corporations and not one penny in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and education.