To: Dr. Kinlaw & the Henrico County Public School Board, Superintendent & HCPS Board members

Dyslexia Advisor for Henrico County Public Schools

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Approve, fund, and fill a FT Dyslexia Advisor job requisition/position for Henrico County School District.

The VA General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1516 in 2017, requiring one reading specialist employed by each local school board (that employs a reading specialist) to have training in the identification of and the appropriate interventions, accommodations, and teaching techniques for students with dyslexia or a related disorder.

Why is this important?

There are over 6500 Special Ed students within Henrico County Public School District today, and a large number of them have difficulty reading.

Structured Language reading instruction isn't something most teachers learn as part of their college curriculum, and it's not part of getting a license to teach. Our schools need a highly qualified Dyslexia Advisor to bring systemic improvements to programming and the professional development of our dedicated teachers.

Did you know... IQ has no correlation with dyslexia. Many students with dyslexia are smart, even gifted in some areas. They can learn and reach their potential if appropriate instructional methods are used.

Providing a FT Dyslexia Advisor is a smart use of tax dollars. A Dyslexia Advisor can help students avoid negative outcomes such as drop out, court-involvement, underemployment/unemployment, and reliance on welfare programs in the future.

Reasons for signing

  • So glad you started this. We have been struggling for years now with no guidance or support from our school.
  • I have a dyslexic husband and 2 dyslexic children in Henrico County Public Schools.
  • My youngest grandson has disabilities and really needs this specialist.

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