To: The United Nations

EMERGENCY Request for UN to oversee California Democratic Primary in June

We The People of The United States in the name of free and fair elections do request the presence of an unbiased third party to oversee the California State Presidential Primary election to ensure that there will not be any voter supression or voter fraud in choosing the Democratic nominee as there have been in numerous other states this Primary election.

Why is this important?

As an American I am promised that our votes count however in this Democratic Primary there are consistent reports of rampant tampering with voter supression i.e hundreds of thousands of voters being removed from the voter rolls, voters party affiliation being changed without their consent so they cannot vote, polling places reduced significantly so voters have to wait for hours resulting in voters leaving before casting a vote and lastly an overall tone of helplessness replaces the goodwill of true democracy. I am starting this petition because there are already reports of voters in California saying their party affiliation is being changed and the Primary is only weeks away. So I am calling on The United Nations as an EMERGENCY REQUEST to aid us American citizens in being able to carry out one of our immutable rights... Our right to vote for whom WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE.