To: Mayor Bill Deblasio

Eminent Domain For Mount Manresa

Mayor de Blasio can protect Staten Island utilizing the City's power to acquire private property for public use following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property, also known as Eminent Domain.

Mount Manresa in its current state is a unique situation. No one will be displaced if the City purchases the 15.4 acres at fair market price of $15 Million (which Savos established in court as the fair market price) and made into a park and/ or much needed school.

Why is this important?

The overdevelopment of the Savos plan at the Mount Manresa site with 250 homes will jam the entrance of Staten Island with traffic. Our infrastructure in this already overdeveloped area from sewers to schools can't handle it. Flooding, lack of school seats, and danger to the community by crowding another community in an overdeveloped area must be considered in your decision to act now, before it is too late. The Growth Management task force missed the opportunity to protect the public with correct zoning, and residents of Staten Island will pay for this incredible oversight unless drastic action is taken by the City.