To: Sen. Rand Paul (KY-2)

End Covert Electronic Harassment

Senator Rand Paul:
President Obama and Congress can not continue to be blind to the injustices of covert electronic harassment and torture (using military grade weaponry) on millions of non-consensual, law abiding citizens inside the privacy of their home! Because you lead the heroic effort to dismantle parts of the Patriot Act, we are kindly asking you to take the lead once more to prohibit and investigate the barbaric act of Electronic Harassment by means of Executive Order or Legislation.

Why is this important?

Thousands of Americans are suffering today.


Reasons for signing

  • Upon traveling outside of New York I experienced electronic harrassment claiming criteria met in certain descriptions, alongside of Considered gang stalking. I have personally been targeted to create fear. And would like to Spread awareness as well as support any women or persons experiencing this inhumane harrassment.
  • I am a victim of electronic harrassment by police, fbi, surveillance, IT techs and community.
  • because i am a victim of this and its not okay its been going on for 5 years