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To: NAC Community Partners

End Partnerships with Newtown Athletic Club

End Partnerships with Newtown Athletic Club

Newtown Athletic Club in Pennsylvania's owner sponsored and organized three bus-loads of people to participate in what became the January 6th shameful riot and insurgency in Washington DC:

We are asking the following organizations listed on NAC's "Community Partner's" page to end their partnership and association with this business:

*The entire partners page is gone. There is no reason to continue with the businesses on it. We have won.*

(Thank you to the apparently now-former partners who have already responded to this petition by having their organizations' names removed from NACs Community Partners List. Their names are no longer listed below because they were being harassed by Trump supporters for having done so. Also, a number claim to have cut ties with NAC previously, and that they were still listed on the partners list. The original list was 27 partners.)

Why is this important?

The violent attacks on our nation's capitol building while the legislators were carrying out their sworn duty was an attack on American Democracy and its Constitution.

Schools, particularly religious ones should not be associated with it, or with any business that supports or enables it.

Medical facilities should also distance themselves from that "super-spreader event," and from NAC's defiance of lawful pandemic shutdown orders coming from the Governor of Pennsylvania:

Charitable institutions should be concerned about the effects of such association on their fund-raising.

Other businesses will find that customers will avoid doing business with any business in a partnership with NAC or its owner.

Tell the above businesses and organizations that if they want your support and business they must curtail their involvement with Newtown Athletic Club and its owner.

Reasons for signing

  • Trump's endless assault on our democracy has been enabled by many, ending in death and destruction. It is time to hold those enablers, such as Jim Worthington, accountable for the results of those actions.
  • It’s about accountability. The man says none of the 200 were involved in the riot. It still doesn’t explain why he continues to finance and support the concept of overturning a fair election. Supporting repeated lies told by our president and his enablers that would, if followed through with, disable the very foundation of our democracy is a despicable and heinous act that deserves our attention.
  • How can his lenders, partners or insurers allow him to carelessly flaunt a governors order... and how can they not take notice at this point that he’s a risk as a going concern.


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