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To: Exxon CEO

Exxon's Banning Gay Pride

Exxon's Banning Gay Pride

Exxon—end the ban against the LGBTQ+ rainbow flag during Pride Month

Why is this important?

Exxon employees have reported that Exxon has issued a new policy against showing LGBTQ+ pride—specifically forbidding facilities from raising the rainbow flag during Pride Month.

The reason employees have been given: Exxon needs to remain "neutral."

There's nothing commendable about "neutrality" that insults and undermines LGBTQ+ staff, especially at a time when the LGBTQ+ community is under attack. Exxon has the gall to ask its employees to represent it in pride parades—even while making their pride invisible at work.

Exxon has endless acts of immorality to answer for, after decades of suppressing science and super-charging our climate crisis—a corporate policy of destruction. This latest decision is just one more reminder that Exxon doesn't care for its community or employees, either.


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