To: FLETCHER SCHOOL, Chairman and Anthony Monaco, President


Evelyn Anite is an enemy of democracy and human rights in Uganda; her education at Fletcher is paid for by millions of public funds while young girls remain uneducated and without menstrual pads! Fletcher, Discontinue Anite.

Why is this important?

The Common League of the Uganda Diaspora (CLOUD), a pressure group for the defense of human rights and promotion of democracy in Uganda by Uganda Diaspora activists, is pressuring the Fletcher School/Tufts University to discontinue Evelyn Anite, Uganda’s Minister of State for Investment and Privatization. Anite, an infamous Uganda dictatorial regime official and a Museveni sycophant par excellence, is attending one of the few residence course durations for this Master’s degree (GMAP), which is mostly accomplished in the candidate’s home country online.
It is incomprehensible that a premier institute of international affairs in the free democratic world the Fletcher school is cam admit a poster girl of dictatorship from Uganda. International affairs in the free world postulate that democracies do not go to war with each other. Hence, it is critical that each country in the world is democratized so the world can enjoy a true democratic peace sufficient for development and human progress. Moreover, it is as well unthinkable that the Fletcher School can be so socio-politically insensitive in this era of institutional bottom line consideration.
Ugandans in the Diaspora demand that Evelyn Anite be discontinued from the Fletcher School of Tufts University so that the agents of dictatorship in Uganda can take heed that there can be global consequences whenever they act against democracy in Uganda. We have no issues with Evelyn Anite as an individual but her reprehensible actions and utterances, which have emboldened dictatorship in Uganda. If she is left scot free then the university shall have undermined democratization in Uganda as well as global democratic peace.
Please help sign this petition and pressure the Fletcher school to discontinue Evelyn Anite


Reasons for signing

  • She is a thief and stole so much money from the people of Uganda through kick backs and back door deals with heavy corruption and embezzlement of funds
  • She is on embezzled funds whiksr the girl cchild suffers not going to school not attending classes die to lack of sanitary towels going for days with no food yet Anite is one of thise that embezzled large sums of money and fled the country to go to the USA
  • Admitting such an evil person as Anite to a prominent university like Fletcher is to put a stamp on her misdeeds against her countrymen and women back home. Fletcher, please stand with the people of Uganda whom Anite and her likes are oppressing.