To: The New Hampshire State House and The New Hampshire State Senate

Fossil-Free, Pipeline-Free 603 for jobs, health, safety & NH's economy.

As New Hampshire increases its renewable energy sources, sustainable jobs are increasing, benefitting the economy. Cutting-edge energy, rail, and electric vehicle charging will draw business interest and increase youth retention. Efficiency and renewable energy will reduce costs without controversial, taxpayer-burdening, fossil fuel infrastructure.

Why is this important?

New Hampshire residents want energy efficiency and clean, safe, homegrown renewable energy that supports our economy, protects natural resources and our rural, independent way-of-life. We want to be #FossilFree603.

We do not want natural (fracked) gas (the potent greenhouse gas, methane) expansion in the Granite State, including Liberty Utilities' proposed Granite Bridge Pipeline and Unitil's gas expansion plans for Manchester, Auburn, Candia, Raymond, Epping, Brentwood, Exeter and Stratham.

SOUTHERN NH opposed the NED pipeline and opposes the Granite Bridge Pipeline (Concord lateral) that threatens our water, air, health, safety, food and future with natural (fracked) gas leaks and emissions that include trade secret chemicals undisclosed to the U.S. government.

NORTHERN NH has opposed the Northern Pass that would install massive unsightly towers, rip through the White Mountains, reduce tourism, scenic vistas, water quality and wildlife, clear-cuts carbon-trapping forests, poisons water and has left salmon near extinction.


Reasons for signing

  • Do not let this happen. There is too much risk and cannot be considered in any possible residential area.
  • We care about our environment and our kids!
  • There is nothing more important than securing the future of this beautiful planet. Please do all you can to address the negative effects of climate change.