To: Samuel Haynes, Jr and Governor John Bel Edwards

FREE Candy, the Dixie Landing Chimp, JAILED for 30+ years

Candy the chimp, confined in solitude for 50 years at Dixie Landin' (and other places owned by the same family) in Baton Rouge! She is given Coke and cigarettes to smoke! She needs to go to Chimp Haven in La.--meanwhile, BOYCOTT this hellhole and tell them how you feel!

Why is this important?

Candy the chimp is a highly social, highly intelligent animal that has been reduced to a dysfunctional shadow of what she should be, from the forced solitude, and exploitation she has endured. Not even her basic nutritional needs are met, as she is given COKE and CIGARETTES to smoke! Show support of Candy being brought to a rescue like CHIMP HAVEN, where she can live out her natural life in a more natural habitat. .
Samuel Haynes JR/Dixie Landin
Phone: 225-753-3333
Address: 18142 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Reasons for signing

  • Please get her out of there and into a place where she will get the proper nutrition, care and love. Release her from this abuse and send her to Chimp Haven where she will be happier and healthier.
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