To: Scott Stiles, Garden Grove City Manager and Pamela Haddad, City Council Liaison

Garden Grove deserves transparency

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Please sign and share this petition demanding that the GG City Council accept all 4 District Attorney recommendations to the City Council regarding the David Barlag / Brown Act violation scandal.

Why is this important?

We have two Councilmen, Steve Jones and Kris Beard, who refuse to accept the District Attorney's 4th recommendation to investigate the no-show, Public Safety Administrator position that was illegally created for our former Fire Chief, David Barlag. Mr. Barlag had allegedly never reported for work from September until November 2014 although we were paying him a six figure salary. Please tell our City Manager and our City Council that you are not going to let this be swept under the rug. Let our city leaders know that you do not support sweetheart back room deals to cover up a major nepotism scandal that blew up in the former Mayor's face. Tell them that you demand transparency and accountability.