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To: President Biden, the U.S. Senate

Get it done! Pass Build Back Better now! We need it and are counting on you!

Get it done! Pass Build Back Better now! We need it and are counting on you!

Democrats—it's time to act on these critical issues!
- Tackling the climate crisis
- Lowering drug prices
- Dramatically reducing childhood poverty
- Giving all Americans paid family leave to care for themselves and their loved ones
- Helping families afford child care
- Providing pre-kindergarten for all

Democrats, pass President Biden's Build Back Better agenda and pay for it by making the ultra-wealthy pay more of their fair share. This will deliver for the American people—and give Democrats a record to run on this November.

Why is this important?

President Biden came into office ready to deliver for the American people. But Republican obstruction and the hesitation of a few conservative Democrats are stalling his agenda, which would deliver essential, impactful support to the American people!

The Build Back Better Act that passed the House of Representatives is waiting for action in the Senate. This bill would ...
- Lower drug prices!
- Expand universal pre-K for all Americans.
- Create a universal paid family leave program we desperately need.
- Support child care so Americans can work and raise a family.
- Extend the child tax credit which reduced childhood poverty by half—but expired because of Republican obstruction.
- Make the largest investment in history to confront the cataclysmic climate crisis.

The bill would pay for these measures by ensuring corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. And when Senate Democrats pass it, it will give all Democrats a proud track record of delivering real, meaningful relief to regular Americans—something they can run on this November.

Though talks stalled in 2021, President Biden has made it clear he's working to make a deal—something that can get every member of the Democratic caucus on board. And if Republicans want to show they care about their constituents, they'll support it too.

But right now, President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and all Democrats in both houses of Congress need to hear this clearly from us: Deliver on the promises you made when we elected you. Show us government can help make our lives better. For our communities, our families, and our kids' future, take action now!

Get it done. Pass the Build Back Better Act now.


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