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To: Google CEO

Google Gives HUGE Corporate Websites Preferential Treatment

Campaign created by
Anthony Jagger

In 2017, Google made changes to their algorithms causing primarily large corporate sites such as Washington Post, New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, Walmart, Ebay, Amazon, etc to show at the top and on page one of search their results (SERP) while BURYING smaller sites with more relevant information.

Some sites such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and the New York Times can’t be viewed unless you have a paid subscription. Google should only be showing sites in their search results which is readily available to read, NOT helping giant sites promote subscriptions so they can make more money.

If a small business owner's site isn't showing on Page One of Google’s SERP , they must BID against other businesses and PAY Google as much as $10 or more a click to be seen.

Google makes billions from businesses wanting to be seen in their search results, so there’s an incentive to NOT SHOW small businesses and blogs on Page One. It’s sort of a “pay to play” scheme.

People around the world have been fooled into believing Google is the best for Internet searches. It's not, nor has it ever been.

If your fed up with Google's practice of putting their thumb on their scale by favoring huge corporate sites, please sign this petition to let them know your going to stop using their search engine and use other search engines (such as Bing / Yahoo) until they start showing pages with the most relevant information

Why is this important?

A search engine should be showing sites in their search results which has the most relevant information and which is readily available to read.