To: Governor Kim Reynolds

Gov. Reynolds - Sign HF732 (Iowa Medical Cannabis)

Sign HF732 and support the improvement of Iowa’s medical cannabis program.

Why is this important?

This bill will improve the medical cannabis program for suffering patients across Iowa by:

1. Replacing the 3% THC cap with a purchase limit of 25 grams of THC per 90 days
2. Allowing PAs and ARNPs to certify patients
3. Improving the definition of the pain condition from "untreatable" to "severe or chronic".

Gov. Reynolds has until May 26th to sign or veto HF 732.


Reasons for signing

  • I can get opioids and my insurance pays for it despite 78,000 deaths in 2017 and more over the last ten years than all wars since WWII.....All the people who support the opioid epedemic hate pot $$$$$$$
  • We need pain relief!
  • Would much rather see people using medical marijuana than harmful pharmaceuticals such as opiates.

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