To: Governor Ron DeSantis

Gov. Scott: Please Halt Executions in Florida!

Florida has released 26 people from death row after new evidence of their wrongful convictions emerged. More wrongfully convicted people have been released from our state’s death row than in any other state and more are expected. This is not a track record to be proud of.

Gov. Scott, if you allow the next scheduled execution to be carried out, you will have overseen more executions (22) than any Florida governor in modern history.

These are not the sorts of records our state should be breaking. Executions are irreversible. Please halt all executions immediately! Please don't risk our state carrying out the execution of innocent people.

Why is this important?

On October 12th, Derral Hodgkins became the 26th person released from Florida's death row due to wrongful conviction. Florida has released more people from death row than any other state.

Governor Scott has overseen 21 executions during his tenure. If he allows the next scheduled execution to occur on October 29th, he will have overseen more executions than any other Florida governor.