To: Governor Tom Wolf

Gov. Wolf: Respond to DOH Documents by Stopping Fracking

We, the undersigned, urge you to respond to recent news of negligence and inadequate response on the part of the Pennsylvania Department of Health by placing a moratorium on fracking in Pennsylvania immediately.

We have serious concerns following the release of documents showing that the Pennsylvania Department of Health consistently provided inadequate responses to fracking-related health complaints. Please act immediately to stop the issuance of new fracking permits, and put forward a plan to help those who have been impacted by fracking.

Please protect the people of Pennsylvania by stopping fracking immediately. The lack of response to fracking-related health complaints by our state health agency is jarring, and the only appropriate path forward is to halt this dangerous process and enact a plan to get help to those who have already been adversely impacted by fracking.

Why is this important?

We have said for years that continuing fracking in Pennsylvania will lead to a public health nightmare for our state. Now we have the documents to prove it.

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking steering committee member Food & Water Watch has obtained documents from the Pennsylvania Department of Health showing that the agency has had a clear pattern of responding inadequately to fracking-related health complaints. In many instances, the Department of Health responded to serious health complaints by pushing the complaint onto another agency or suggesting that individuals seek out expensive tests on their own dime.

Much of this negligence occurred before Governor Wolf came into office, but the problem is now his responsibility. Governor Wolf must act immediately to halt fracking in Pennsylvania now, and put forward a plan to help individuals already adversely impacted by fracking.

Join us in calling on Gov. Wolf to protect the people of Pennsylvania.


Reasons for signing

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