To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Brown: Remove Your Coastal Commission Appointees

Under Political Pressure from Seaworld, oil barons and land developers, The Coastal Commission voted to fire Executive Director Charles Lester from the Coastal Commission staff for doing too good a job protecting our coast. This unprecedented power grab was supported by all four of your appointees. We, the undersigned demand that you remove them immediately in order to restore the public trust in the integrity of our California Coastal Commission.

Why is this important?

Seaworld and other coastal abusers must not be allowed to subvert the spirit of Prop 20, aka 'Vote the Coast,' which later became the California Coastal Act. Bring back the Coastal Act!


Reasons for signing

  • Wind turbines in Morro Bay is not protecting our coasts!
  • These commissioners Disrespect the public and yield to developers' interests.
  • The actions and attitude of Browns appointees on the coastal commission are disgraceful abd disappointing. California is a great state and its people deserve a government that follows the rules and upholds the law. Time to replace these commissioners with leaders who can be trusted to act responsibly, treat California's citizens with respect, and do their job to upload our coastal laws.