To: Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Christie:Let The People Of N.J. Decide about Marijuana

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When the People are given a chance to vote on the issue of marijuana, they want it! Just look at Portland, OR. In New Jersey, over 58% want Legalization ,over 70% want it decriminalized. DO not veto #S1977!

Why is this important?

I am a Marijuana consumer ,like over half the people my age .I am tired of worrying about getting busted for a small bag of weed.With #s1977 Decriminalized Marijuana it would be just a ticket for a small amount of marijuana.My hope is that there is a overwhelming amount of signatures that it would be impossible for him to rip this one up.GOVERNOR CHRISTIE PLEASE LISTEN TO N.J. RESIDENTS AND DECRIM #s1977


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  • Please finally start using common sense on this issue and end this war on a plant that has many benefits and can generate millions of dollars. Do you really believe someone should go to jail for consuming a plant? Do you drink alcohol? If so you are a hypocrite.