To: Governor Jay Inslee

Governor Inslee: Stop the Newport Smelter

We, the citizens of Northeast Washington, North Idaho, and concerned citizens across America, ask that you withdraw your support of the HiTest/PacWest Newport silicon smelter.

Why is this important?

This energy-intensive, coal-burning smelter will emit hundreds to thousands of tons of greenhouse gases and other coal toxins annually. The carbon footprint will be tremendous. The Pend Oreille River Valley, the Little Spokane watershed and North Idaho will be blanketed with toxic emissions. This smelter will be located within one-to-two miles of eight Newport schools, athletic fields, parks, the Newport Hospital, and downtown Newport.

HiTest/PacWest claims it will be a “green” facility, but only 5% of its product will be for solar cells. The tremendous carbon and toxic coal footprint of the smelter will never be offset.

Governor Inslee: you claim to be the “climate candidate”. But your support for this proposed smelter only demonstrates a contradictory approach to climate change. Our livelihoods, health and economy will be devastated. Governor Inslee: we ask that you please withdraw your support and endorsement of the HiTest/PacWest Newport smelter.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because the land belong to the people and not the wanna be dictator Inslee
  • I want clean air and water, that is why I live where I do. Please do not let this Smelter go through!
  • I have been so impressed with Washington's progressive policies that I have thought of moving to the state. However, this is one detractor for me. Regardless of whether I live in Washington or not, carbon emissions affect the entire world. Please do not allow this coal-burning smelter to be constructed!

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