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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Gun Incident Tax

A tax charged to gun owners, manufacturers and proponent organizations to cover all the incidents that happen over a period. It would go up or down depending on the actual number and severity of the incidents.

Why is this important?

Guns are not an essential component of our society. They are really just a hobby. The current legal paradigm is failing to keep the public safe and has allowed a dangerous level of proliferation to develop. The cost of property damage, injuries and deaths are being paid by everybody, especially the victims. There is no direct motivation for the 'gun community' to do anything to reduce this cost. The GIT would change that.

Victims (or their families) would be recompensated for injuries and deaths by the system no matter whether the perpetrator is found or not. Hospitals would be paid for their emergency ward work. Broken windows, holes in walls, etc. would be covered.

The main effect would be to motivate owners and lobbying organizations to favor laws that reduce gun incidents. Pretty much the opposite of whats going on now.

Along with the GIT, a generous buy back program would work to reduce the number of guns in circulation, making them harder to get for criminals and less likely to be found by children.