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MoveOn encourages everyone to listen to public health experts and follow CDC guidelines to protect their health and the economy.

To: Governor Charlie Baker

Hair salon one client at a time/ soft opening April 28 2020

Hair salon one client at a time/ soft opening April 28 2020

Allow a licensed Cosmetologist, barbershop and beauty professional to perform a beauty service “privately with one client in the salon“ per stylist at a time. starting as of Tuesday, April 27, 2020. All necessary precautions and sanitation protocols will be taken approved by the state of Massachusetts and the local Board of Health will be followed. Our industry needs to be recognized and deemed as an essential business so we can better serve our community. We will serve one client at a time while wearing a mask and leave time in between clients to clean and wipe all surfaces.

Why is this important?

The survival of independent beauty professionals is at risk. We are facing a huge financial hardship.

Reasons for signing

  • let’s come together to end the pandemic and rebuild our nation. Economy & Recovery of COVID-19 and Returning back all states and cities around the world reopening and slowing & stopping & preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Been a hairdresser for 32 years and I love my job 💜
  • We are completely out from work!!! But we still need to work for basic essentials!!


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