To: Hawaii superdelegates, My state's superdelegates, and My state's superdelegates

Hawaii superdelegates: Let voters decide!

Let the voters decide. Pledge to support the candidate who gets the most pledged delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.

Why is this important?

I believe strongly in our democratic process, in which citizens have a voice and it is their votes that decide elections. The current Democratic party process does not work that way when it comes to the primaries, since superdelegates are not bound by citizens' votes (they are free to choose a candidate regardless of what the people in that community want).

It's too late in this current primary season to change the way our Democratic party does this, but our Hawaii Democratic superdelegates could do a wonderful thing and take it upon themselves to support the candidate that gets the most pledged delegate votes.

Please let our voices be heard. Thank you!

Reasons for signing

  • Stop voting in those reps that vote against what the ppl of Hawaii want!!! It's obvious that they do not care to hear what the ppl of Hawaii wants. They have a their own personal selfish agenda and should not be holding the office position any more longer!!! Let's no longer vote for them and have them "FIRED" from their positions. .. Gov. David Ige — uncommitted U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono — Clinton U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz — Clinton U.S. Rep. Mark Takai — Clinton DNC National Committeewoman Ja...
  • Bernie Sanders has re-energized the party, to turn your back on that would be a huge mistake. It's not so much about the man, but the message - the shallow, greedy, slide into oblivion that the current two governments have taken us to has to end. Look at the homeless we have in Hawaii, - they are not the problem, they are the result of the problem. We need a leader who will address this, not sweep it under the table. WE want Bernie Sanders.
  • Bernie Sanders has reenergized the Dempcratic Party, look at funds he has been able to raise, we would have never thought this posiblle before now. Moreover, in California Voter registration is up over 170% for the Democratic Party. I have been trying to talk young people into the party for years with little luck. Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate and I fear she will lose to Trump. Even worse because she doesn't energergize young and independents we will have a voter turnout like tha...