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To: Anne Arundel Circuit Court

Help Hold USAA Accountable for Their Claim Handling Practices!!!

Help Hold USAA Accountable for Their Claim Handling Practices!!!

Maryland experienced a catastrophic storm March 2, 2018 the governor declared a state of emergency bridges, MARC services, Amtrak trains, schools, roads, and flights were all closed! This severe nor'easter met the criteria for a "bomb cyclone", and was a landmark winter storm wind event in Maryland. The storm brought hurricane strength winds
continuously for 36hrs.straight ,and wind gust up to 70mph, Heavy rain and hail. This horrific storm caused severe wide spread damage and some fatalities.
We the Schmitt's filed a homeowners claim with USAA, and 3.5 years later we are still in the fight for our home to be brought back to pre-loss condition so that we may return home and put this nightmare behind us!!! USAA has made NO attempt to settle the claim and we are set for a jury trial August 17,18 2021 Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.We are asking the judge to have the trial held over live broadcasting!! USAA has not been with us every step of the way as their commercials advertise, have not treated us with respect, integrity, honesty throughout our claims process. It is time for the public to see how USAA attorneys treat insured, how they change documents, do not keep adequate claims records, use delaying tactics, mix up insured information, cover up mistakes, put the insured and their families at risk from unhealthy environments, and literally put the insured through HELL trying not to pay a claim. We are not alone and many are suffering due to USAA failures! USAA needs to be held accountable for their adjusters actions against their insured! New laws need to be implemented to protect the insured from these types of claims practices. Insurance commissions needs to have federal regulations for homeowners insurance, and not just state insurance commissioner's who fail to file violations because they're reliant off of the insurers premiums in the state. People displaced from their homes fighting deep seeded pockets of the insurance industry should not have to wait 3.5 years or more on the system while the insured become homeless, many having to file bankruptcy, foreclosures, depleting savings, accumulating debt, all while waiting on a system that continues to fail, and no one to help them while they feel hopeless, long for their homes, some even take their own lives, families splitting due to the stress of it all. All this while the insurance company makes money off delaying the claim, and proceeding to collect premiums from insured who cannot live in their homes!!!!!

Why is this important?

We know we are not alone as we have heard from many USAA insured suffering the same TORTURE as we are. We are asking for our trial to be live where everyone can see no matter where they are what USAA is really made of. USAA can be held accountable for their actions and not conceal where none can ever see it.
This is a small start at exposing the unimaginable, unthinkable , pure torture USAA has done to our family and many others who have filed homeowners claims. USAA says they understand the importance of family, yet they continuously put more emotional, financial, physical stress on families who don't deserve it. We pay for Insurance so when tragedy does strike us unexpectedly we will not have to stress about what to do. Will you stand with us? Will you help expose the dark side of the insurance industry before someone else is put through this torture? Will you sign our petition for the trial to be live? Will you attend and watch? Will you sit back and think what if it was you and your family? Will you search to investigate yourself? By signing you can make difference for MY family, but will you? I PRAY YOU DO!!!
God Bless you and your families,
WonderWomanMomma Schmitt

Reasons for signing

  • Because I have been a member of USAA since 1985 and it pains me to see how much they have changed as a company in the last few years. I am about to file a roof claim and it scares me to death that we are going to go through the same thing.


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Y’all are awesome!!!!!!! We reached 100 signatures so far. We are gaining momentum please keep it going and share with others. We couldn’t do this without you thank you so much, The Fearless Schmitt’s

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100 signatures reached

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