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To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Higher IQ's for Cops

We petition our elected leadership to improve the hiring and retention standards for police. The police of America no longer command the respect and credence required to function effectively as peace keepers. We don't need armed bullies with badges running our towns. We don't need to be at higher risk from our own public servants than from foreign or domestic terrorists. We do not feel safe for ourselves or for our children.
In addition to increased accountability for police, we need better qualified police in uniform. Please revise standard HR screening tests for smarter, more emotionally stable, physically fit and caring police. A fit policeman will be less dependent on weaponry. A more empathic cop will defuse rather than escalate a situation. A smarter cop will think things through before profiling an innocent citizen or pulling the trigger in an emotional scenario.
We deserve real protection, not bullying. We deserve competent intelligent police officials with high enough IQ's to implement ethical standards for those sworn to protect and serve us. This is not possible with hiring caps of 120 IQ. We look to our elected officials to address this national crisis and end it.

Why is this important?

As Michael Moore made entertaining in "The Awful Truth" (tho thousands of innocents incarcerated in prison and their families aren't laughing) cops are not that bright. [] And when we promote from within with an iq cap of 120, who's competent enough to run our police departments?
To quote Mark Bowers [], "To understand why our nation’s police departments are riddled with lawsuits one need look no further than the hiring process. Character traits such as a short temper, rush to judgment and lack of empathy are not learned AFTER being hired. They were there the whole time but nobody bothered to look for them. Until we get serious about hiring the RIGHT people for this job we will continue to see police abuse our citizens’ constitutional rights. It’s up to us to push for positive change in our law enforcement agencies."


Reasons for signing

  • I’m in the armed forces and this is just flat out embarrassing. Do better.
  • Much of an IQ test is logically based. If someone does not have strong reasoning, it is easy to manipulate them. Police officers deal with the lives of people every day and if they can be easily influenced to adopt a negative culture that is presented to them by other officers, who are usually trusted, then something needs to be done to prevent that.
  • I support the concept of " smarter cops for a safer America"!


2020-06-10 11:39:51 -0400

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