To: Governor Jay Inslee

Horse owners stand up and change the law regarding your horses care..

Change the veterinary practice code to allow lay horse teeth floaters to work in Washington state.

Why is this important?

Horse owners in the state need to change the law.
The veterinary board of Washington wants to prevent and fine or jail anyone that is not a vet from helping your horses by restricting normal husbandry practices to being veterinary only. Horse owners should have the right to choose!!!!


Reasons for signing

  • We all should have the right to use other practioners for our equine companions just as we can choose the methods we approach our own health issues.
  • We should be able to help our horses, without being a vet.
  • Wish my "Horse Vet" had, had two years of equine dentistry schooling. Very good chance my Mustang Mare would have been here today.