To: Best Western Hotels and Resorts, Choice Hotels (EconoLodge, Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn), Drury Hotels, G6 Hospitality (Motel 6), Hilton (Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites), InterContinental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn), Marriott (Courty...

Hotel Chains: Don't become temporary ICE detention centers

Hotels have no place in Trump's hateful policies attacking immigrants. Hotel companies should publicly refuse to allow any of their properties to contract with ICE, and deny any assistance in the deportation of people and families.

Why is this important?

ICE is still planning to execute raids to deport children and families. Whether it happens in two weeks (per Trump's threat) or in two months, using hotel rooms as temporary jails is a crucial part of this plan, because ICE cannot legally hold children in its adult detention facilities.

Hotels should put people over profits and publicly refuse to work with ICE to execute Trump's disgusting attack on immigrant families.

We've researched nine hotel chains that run the low-cost properties most likely to be used by ICE and are calling on each of them to publicly commit that they won't participate in the planned raids on families and kids.


Reasons for signing

  • Ice is a human trafficing operation.
  • Several hotel chains have now refused to be immigrant jails. I strongly urge Wyndham Hotels to do the same.
  • I will not patronize any hotel chain that supports ICE.

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