To: Julian Castro, Secretary of HUD

HUD Secretary, Julian Castro: Return the McGriff Family's Stolen Home Back to the Community in Ro...

Cease all eviction processes of the home at 618 Cedarwood Terrace in Rochester and donate this home to the Ujamaa Community Land Trust and 30% of all foreclosed homes back to community controlled institutions across the country. Land for the People, Not Wall Street Profit!

Why is this important?

The U.S. government, through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), has unjustly tried to evict me and my son from my home of 15 years. Having been hurt on the job, I became re-employed but the bank would not accept payments or modify the FHA-backed loan. Through the FHA/HUD mortgage program, the Secretary of HUD has not only allowed thousands of unjust foreclosures across the country, but Secretary Castro continues to encourage banks to profit off the suffering of our communities by peddling massive bank bailouts for foreclosures (FHA is planning to write a check to MidFirst Bank for over 240% of the original value of the loan for my family home.) Together we can stop the foreclosures! Take a stand for community land! -Elizabeth McGriff