To: Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Board of Trustees

I Have Chosen NOT to Register with Kana‘iolowalu

I am Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and I have chosen not to register with Kana‘iolowalu (the Native Hawaiian Roll). My decision in no way diminishes my inherent rights as a Native Hawaiian or the rights of my descendants. I ask the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to immediately cease funding of Kana‘iolowalu and instead restore funding to Native Hawaiian health and education programs.

Why is this important?

OHA has begun defunding Native Hawaiian health and education programs, while continuing to provide millions of beneficiary funds for Kana‘iolowalu. Despite millions spent on advertising and outreach, less than 4% of Native Hawaiians have voluntarily signed up for the Roll. Sign this petition to send a clear message to the Trustees that our top priorities are education and health.